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What We Do

At .dev, we provide the perfect environment for developers of software applications to work together to create great products. We work together to build software from ideas stemmed from problems we see in society and for corporate clients.


We believe in being able to build what we want to build and sharing our ideas with others. The sky's the limit, and chances are, if you can dream it, you can build it.


Great software applications don't just contain code. Each component of an application is professionally designed to be visually appealing and market ready.


Our community is a collaborative network of developers, and we believe collaboration is the key to building successful products. Development is mentored by those with experience.


A software that never receives an audience is software whose potential is lost. All applications built within this club will be there to serve a purpose and will have an audience of users.

1 - 2 UI/UX Designers

UI/UX designers work closely with the developers in a team, designing and prototyping all visual aspects for an application — everything from the logo to the feel and functionality of the interface land in the responsibilities of the UI/UX designers.

4 - 5 Developers

Developers are responsible for writing and putting together the code for each component of the application. Depending on the type of application, developers can have a specific focus on their application, whether it may be frontend/backend for a web application or a specific component of a mobile application.

1 Business Analyst

The business analyst of a group is responsible for researching and suggesting opportunities that will allow their group's application to have an audience. They will also analyze trends in the current market to make decisions for the group should the group decide to release their project to the public


As a new club, we're currently still working on our first projects. Check back in a couple of weeks for more!


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

“Q: Do I have to be experienced in software development to join? A: No, we accept both beginners and experienced individuals who share a common drive to learn and contribute!”


Jesse Tov, Northwestern University EECS professor

“Go Cats”


Ian Horswill, Northwestern University EECS professor

“Q: What is the expected time commitment of this organization? A: Aside from a weekly meeting, you're encouraged to work together with your group for as long as necessary.”


Our hard working executive board tries their best to bring you the best experience possible.


Yousef Issa

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